Americas Cup Safari (7 Hours)

$195 per person

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Ana Luna Adventures

Americas Cup Foiling Catamaran competition May 26 – June 28, 2017 will be an experience of a lifetime. The month long event featuring these extreme high tech sailing machines sail/flying at 50 kph on a tight spectator friendly course is absolutely stunning to behold.

Ana Luna catamaran will offer cruises to all of the events and festivities. Please click on the schedule link for the events of the day. Understand that the one day gaps are there in case of rescheduling due to weather conditions, so a bit of flexibility on guests part might come into play.

In addition to the Americas Cup sailing there are several other events of considerable interest. Historic ‘Tall Ships’ will grace Bermuda in the first week of June. Classic ‘original’ J-class sailing yachts will be ‘racing’ June 20-25. Ana Luna Bioluminescent Glow Worms Safari never fails to amaze..!

Ana Luna Catamaran ‘Americas Cup Safari’ will sail to the best of the events. Departing Grotto Bay resort dock (friendly, parking, amenities when you get back, no chaos of Hamilton, etc ) at 11 am and returning at 6 pm. Cruise is designed to provide a memorable cornucopia on the sea. Scenic sail to the race or event of the day for about two hours. Anchor and watch the event for three hours. Sail back enjoying dessert and champagne toast.

Cruises include 7 hours on Bermuda’s azure seas. Snacks, hydration, organic coffee all day. Full lunch with dessert. Champagne toast while sailing back is on the captain.

Options include cash bar, massage treatments.

Some days might be fully booked with private groups. Change of days might occur due to race cancellations due to weather. Please click on the link to book and reserve your spot.

Price per person is $195. Gratuity is optional.
Book and reserve your spot. 

Don’t hesitate to contact the captain with any questions.

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Glow Worms (Monthly)

Glow worms
What can we say, it is a sex show….So better to prepare with Champagne! Glow worms have acquired celebrity status in Bermuda, for the best of reasons. Glow worms are seasonal, their mating displays only in the warmer months. Glow worms exhibit perfect manners regarding timing and performance, two & three days after full moon, one hour after sunset time, read on for dates for next few years.

Glow worms are spectacular, glowing eerie green, males darting from the depths into a frenetic wriggle with the female after she emits her glowing green goo…

Sailing departs Grotto Bay one hour before sunset. Enjoy Champagne, light snack, sunset and its aftermath, glow worm viewing, back to the dock about two hours after sunset. Don’t miss the show!

$79 per person
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Ana Luna Catamaran
Ana Luna Catamaran

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