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Ana Luna Adventures (Seasonal April - September)

Ana Luna special group snorkel outings Wednesday & Saturday from 10 am to 1 pm.
Special price of $79 pp includes snorkel gear, hydration and light snack.
Departs and returns to Grotto Bay, snorkeling at one location on north shore

Snorkeling is such a natural in Bermuda, over the years we figure over 5,000 guests have snorkeled with us. Ana Luna features snorkeling on many of its outings including weekly outings from Grotto Bay.

Instruction and Guided Snorkeling take center stage on these outing with the goal of improving the guests experience both by offering snorkeling tips along with pointing out fish and creatures.

Snorkeling gear is provided but guests are encouraged to bring their own if available.

Noodle flotations aids are also available. As part of our instruction we seek to wean guests from flotations aids as they become more comfortable in Bermuda’s buoyant seas. We recommend wearing an old t shirt against the summer sun and abrasion. Children under ten must have specific parent buddy and bring their own gear.

Smooth Sailing Tuesday & Friday evenings
Sounds delicious and it is! Ana Luna sails several time weekly from Grotto Bay resort on this memory making, stimulating & relaxing Sunset Cruise.

Departing Grotto Bay dock two hours before sunset, Ana Luna sails past Bermuda’s most concentrated historic relics into the vast expanse off the North Shore with big views from Royal Navy Dockyard in the west to Ft St Catherine to the east.

Champagne and light organic snacks are included in this two hour scenic cruise which arrives back to the dock in time to ready yourself for dinner and bring on the night!

Sunset cruise departure/return times for 2018
May 1-30 depart 6:30-8:30
June 1-30 depart 6:30-8:30
July 1-30 depart 6:30-8:30
August 1-15 depart 6:30- 8:30
August 16-30 depart 6-8
September 1-15 depart 6-8
September 16-30 depart 5:30-7:30
October 1-30 depart 5-7

Cost per person $79

Glow Worms (Monthly)

Glow worms
What can we say, it is a sex show….So better to prepare with Champagne! Glow worms have acquired celebrity status in Bermuda, for the best of reasons. Glow worms are seasonal, their mating displays only in the warmer months. Glow worms exhibit perfect manners regarding timing and performance, two & three days after full moon, one hour after sunset time, read on for dates for next few years.

Glow worms are spectacular, glowing eerie green, males darting from the depths into a frenetic wriggle with the female after she emits her glowing green goo…

Sailing departs Grotto Bay one hour before sunset. Enjoy Champagne, light organic snacks , sunset and its aftermath, glow worm viewing, back to the dock about two hours after sunset. Don’t miss the show!

$79 per person
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Ana Luna Catamaran
Ana Luna Catamaran

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