Prospero's Cave

"Let your Spirit connect with Nature!"

Natura Cave Spa

There are few pleasures in life as delightful, dreamy and rewarding as a visit to a spectacular spa. In Bermuda, those sensations are stoked and satisfied with a trip to the fabulously rustic Natura Spa at Grotto Bay Beach Resort.

What makes Natura Spa stand out from any other spa is that all the treatments are performed in incredible settings dotted around the resort. Procedures performed outside are done in carefully selected and intimate corners on the resort’s pristine pink beaches and meticulously manicured grounds. While engaging in a private massage nestled in a raised pergola over a small lagoon, the only intruders will be a school of frolicking fish.

For the most eclectic, rustic and truly one-of-a-kind experience, the Grotto Bay’s Serenity Cave Experience is unmatched and unrivaled.  This encounter of gazing down into crystal clear, turquoise hued, mineral water. 

An insightful and indulgent experience, the cave treatment options feature massages and other signature spa treatments performed in a natural, unaltered cave located on property. In keeping with the earthy integrity and live environment of the cave, the grotto’s primal features are respected and embraced; with the mesmerizing natural sounds of dripping water and soothing soft music, a therapist uses only organic products. 

It has been described as "profound", "superbly primitive" and "unbelievably healing experience" by our guests. It is a truly natural connection with your spirit.

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